Corporate purposes

Based on the principle of “Assisting Customers to Enhance Market Competition and Living Potential”, Ruiqi has a solid and complete learning experience and a full-fledged satellite cooperation manufacturer, which provides a larger space for the art design to provide a pre-planned plan. The carton design stack has the advantages of quick assembly and space saving. It is proved here that Ruiqi is completely concerned with the convenience and advantages of customers.

Company philosophy

Over the years, various professional packaging services have been well received by all parties. Based on the corporate positioning of “planning a full range of finished product packaging solutions for customers”, Ruiqi insists on providing customers with the best quality service.

A full range of packaging solutions

It is the enterprise positioning of Ruiqi. Under the principle of being beautiful, safe, resistant to falling and low cost, it is necessary for your company to have one of the most suitable shells for each finished product, and then in other competitive products. Stand out and create the biggest business opportunities.